Postpartum Yoga for The Busy Mom

Motherhood keeps us on our toes, from tending to children and babies to working around the house or a full-time job it can seem overwhelming trying to find time for yourself.

One thing I know for sure is that when I take the time to workout, eat healthily, and meditate, I know I am a much better mother, wife, and friend. Adjusting to having two little ones has not been easy, but that is not an excuse for me to sacrifice my time. Leo was an amazing sleeper and napper, he could sleep in his crib or bassinet by himself. Miles only wants to sleep with me, I thought this was a "phase" during the first two weeks, however, I now know, he finds comfort sleeping next to me.3wá22Q1

I looked into safe co-sleeping options and decided to give the DockATot Delux+ a try. I love that I can practice Yoga and Meditation with baby nearby. I make time to practice while Leo sleeps and Miles sleeps or plays in his DockATot. It's perfect for keeping him entertained, cozy and practice that tummy time all while I get to enjoy some me time and bonding time.

Below is a short yoga sequence you can do anywhere, all while knowing your baby is safe and cozy nearby.

Down Dog to Plank Flow:
  • Start in Downward Facing Dog
  • INHALE Shift weight forward, shoulders over wrist to PLANK POSE
  • EXHALE shift hips to the sky, DOWNWARD FACING DOG
  • Repeat 3-4x

Seated twist to Mermaid Flow (Both sides)
  • Start with legs swept over to one side
  • INHALE take arms to sky
  • EXHALE Reach opposite hand to opposite knee, reach other hand to the floor behind
  • INHALE Lift front hand up and back lifting the hips
  • Repeat 3-4x

Wide Leg Forward Fold and Twist:
  • Begin with DockATot on mat between legs
  • With your hands to your side, INHALE lengthen through your spine, EXHALE fold forward
  • INHALE, stack the spine come up to seated
  • EXHALE, Reach your left hand to right foot (right hand reaches back)
  • INHALE Center, Reach to the opposite side

I use the DockATot Delux+ in Pristine white (pictured in photos above). You can check them out by clicking on these photos below which will direct you to Amazon!

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