Mindful Body: C-Section Scar Therapy

I have had several questions when it comes to my personal C-Section pain and continuing sensation. Healing takes time, and being aware of the different sensations you may experience over time is an important part of the healing process. Our bodies are made to heal naturally, we can however, aid the healing process by mindfully tending to the areas that may feel out of balance.

I was shocked to see that many people accept the pain, discomfort, or abnormal sensations they may have from a c-section. I am sharing a few ways you can guide the healing process and live a happy, healthy life!

Scar tissue is a fibrous tissue that builds up in areas where the normal tissue has been repaired, in this case, your uterus. When the scar tissue begins to attach to surrounding organs or tissue it creates adhesions and these adhesions can cause pain or dysfunction in the organs such as swelling, back pain, pain during intercourse, incontinence, and pain or tenderness around the scar area. 

If any of this sounds true to you, even if you have had a cesarean several years ago, you can still start breaking up that scar tissue NOW!

Self-massage is a great way to start repairing your scar and body after the incision is healed. Below is a video of me demonstrating the movements:

  1. Place hands over scar for brief meditation or affirmation
  2. Press firmly moving fingertips up and down
  3. Press firmly moving fingertips side to side
  4. Press firmly creating circular movements above/below and on scar directly.

Here are a few tools I have used for both of my c-section scars:

  • Silicone Tape: After your stitches have been removed and steri strips have fallen off (and you have received the 'OKAY' from your doctor, you can begin applying medical grade silicone tape to the scar. Silicone normalizes the collagen synthesis and can reduce the appearance of a scars color and size

  • Self Massage Tool: Begin to use the tool after several rounds of self massage with your fingertips first. By working with your hands first you are able to get biofeedback through the power of touch. Once you have incite on the sensation from self massage, you can begin to use a massage tool to separate and breakdown the adhesions. I sell my C- Section Self Massage Manual and I am currently working on a massage tool specifically for c-section mamas.

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