Restore Your Core

I had the opportunity to work with Ciara Jenkins of Restore Your Core and More, on a 6 week postpartum program. The program is all about empowering you in the first phase of your postnatal journey through transverse abdominal strengthening, pelvic floor connection & beyond! 

I wanted to share my journey which began before I had Miles at 38 weeks pregnant in labor:

Following a 36+ hour labor and another emergency c-section here I am just 3 days postpartum:

And now to where I began the 6 week program (5 weeks postpartum):

With minimal abdominal separation there was still an opportunity to strengthen my core and feel back to my pre-baby self. Through this program I was able to take what I learned each week and incorporate it into my daily living. I find myself correcting my own posture and finding neutral spine and breathing deep diaphragmatic breathing or as Ciara calls it in her program 'Abdominal Pulls'. 

The program is presented in a week-by-week style that builds gradually, and applying the previous weeks knowledge. 

Here is a photo of me after completing the 6 week program, feeling stronger than ever!

If you wish to have more information on this program or you wish to book a free consultation you can email Ciara directly at or visit the website here .

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