Favorite Postpartum Fitness Tools

Getting back into fitness after pregnancy can seem intimidating and almost foreign but I have put together my favorite postpartum fitness tools below. Once you are cleared by your physician to begin exercise again, all you need is a little motivation and maybe a few of these tools below to get you going right in your own home with baby by your side!

  1. A Good Yoga Mat - An anti-slip mat with enough padding is essential for your postpartum recovery. Manduka makes a PROlight Yoga and Pilates Mat that works for everything from stretching to HIIT 
  2. Exercise Resistance Bands - These bands can be used for Pilates movements, Yoga, Strength Training and more. This set allows for different levels of difficulty and resistance. 
  3. Pilates Ball - Pilates balls are great for targeting specific muscles as well as supporting your posture in Pilates exercises. 
  4. Foam Roller- Hello Recovery! Foam rollers are great for rolling out sore muscles or tight shoulders from nursing. There are a ton of free exercises out there to do with these-or- you can keep an eye out for an upcoming foam rolling guide I am creating for postpartum moms! 

    I have created links to the products above to make it easier for you to navigate through your personal search in the best products. I am in no way sponsored by these brands above, I just wanted to share my personal experience of the best products out on the market! Wish to see some corresponding exercises to do with these tools? Let me know below!

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