Plant Based Eating for the entire Family!

My husband and I recently became members of a Plant Based Meal Kit Delivery service so when I found out that Sprout Food Organics made Plant Powered Purees I was SOLD.

My family had the opportunity to try out a few of the Sprout Organic food products and Leo Loved them! The Sprout Organic Baby food pouches come in different levels; Level 1 introducing foods for the first time to a baby so the ingredients are 1 simple ingredient. Even though Leo is almost 2.5 he still loves pouches for on the go snacks! So I put the Organic Prunes and Organic Mango pouches to the test and they are even TODDLER approved! 

I also love the hearty options like (Level 3) Butternut Chickpea Quinoa & Dates Pouch! Leo loved snacking on this and the organic chickpeas are a great alternative to meat and dairy based products. 

The Crispy Chews are a great alternative to those fruit snacks that you give your little one and Leo calls his Quinoa Puffs "cereal" the apple kale flavor are his favorite!

Other Toddler snacks and foods include Organic Smash Pouches and  Organic Curlz

 Little ones snack at the #BabyBrunch

Disclosure: Sprout Organics sent me samples and foods to try, and I think it’s great so I wanted to share what works for our family with all of you!

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