Postpartum Recovery Guide: It's a gradual thing

For 38.5 weeks my body made room for a growing baby, it stretched, it ached, and even through workouts some areas became weak. Prenatal core support was an absolute must for me during my pregnancy. I wore the Pregnant to The Core Support band every day and for workouts I wore Bao Bei's SpeedBUMP Sport Band .


After baby Miles arrived (via emergency c-section) at 38.5 weeks, I started wearing core support the day after surgery. The hospital provided me with a binder that wraps and velcros across the torso. This support was perfect for the two days I was in the hospital. I continued to wear it for two additional more days with may Bao Bei support bands underneath until my surgical staples were removed.

Here is a photo of my belly 1 week postpartum:

First Layer of core support:

Second Layer of core support: 

Week 2 I was ready for a bit more core  and lumbar support. I started off with a size Medium Dual Closure Girdle. It was 2 rows of hook & eye closures in the front and I started off with outer row and then closed it tighter halfway through the week (working my way at knitting my core tighter, to transition to a size small). During this time I was not only recovering from a major abdominal surgery but I also had an upper respiratory/sinus infection and the coughing was horrible. The level of core support this girdle provided while coughing was amazing and provided much relief. 


Here is a photo of my belly 2 weeks postpartum:

First layer of core support: 

By week 3 I moved down to a size small Bellefit Corset. This corset also has two rows of hook & eye closures and I gradually made my way towards the tightest fit. Both of the girdles provided medical grade compression, lumbar support, and acted as a constant reminder to keep my core engaged. 

Here is a photo of my belly 3 weeks postpartum:

First layer of core support:

Second layer of core support:

Now on to week 4,  I was down to one layer of postpartum support, the first layer was bunching and too baggy by this point. I was also down to the tightest hook & eye closure. Feeling tighter and sexy with my not so drab nursing bra, yes that is a NURSING BRA mamas!

Core support photo: 

I will still wear my core support for a few more weeks but I was excited to share my results. Bellefit has amazing customer service and online tools to help you identify which Postpartum Girdle is best fit for you! Stay true to the sizing questionnaire and guides and you will be sure to select the right core support. 


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