Hospital Bag Essentials

Packing a Hospital Bag and Preparing a Checklist can seem overwhelming but here are a few tips on packing what you need for a few nights stay

Breaking it up into items you need during labor, after birth, and for baby make it easier for tackling the list!

Mom during Labor:

- Chapstick (Babyganics) : With all of those breathing techniques you learned in your birthing class (plus the chance you may need to be hooked up to oxygen like I did, this will come in handy)

- Essential Oils Necklace (Pink Stork) I was able to wear all of the oils I needed during labor with this amazing necklace!

- Extra Pillow (Naturepedic): Be sure to pack an extra pillow and a BRIGHT pillow case! We made the mistake of a light colored pillow case and when i was rushed of to the OR for an Emergency C section my pillow went along for the ride. We were able to track it down by some miracle but the pillowcase went to the soiled linens basket and I never saw it again!

- Playlist with Meditation -or- music (Expectful)My meditation app Expectful was amazing for laboring at home and also for putting me at ease after baby was born, keeping me relaxed and able to focus on nursing 

- Focal Point (Photos, something meaningful, Mama Malas ): I wore my Mama Malas and used the Guru Bead to focus on and help me create the power within

- Hot Pack - My Amazing Doulas took care of this one for me, always making sure I had heat on my lower back 

- Birth Plan- Of course you will discuss this plan with your Doula, Midwife and/or Doctor but always have a copy handy as well, and most importantly know that the "plan" is really that of the universe so be flexible to any changes or emergencies that may come up.

Mom After Birth:
- Delivery Robe (PinkBlush Maternity): I felt like a goddess having my own clothing options and as soon as I got out of surgery I slipped into my own robe, it motivated me to get up and walk around the labor and delivery floor which started the recovery process much sooner!

- Nursing Bra (Oh La Lari): Not all of birth is SEXY but these bras surly made me feel that way! take a peak at the link!

- Nursing Tea (Pink Stork): I brought this tea with and generally your milk may not come in fully until after 3 days. I wasn't able to nurse Miles for 9 HOURS post birth!!!  It was too nice to have my tea and I just requested hot water with all of my meal deliveries. My milk was flowing in by day 2!

- Socks (StickyBe Socks): Both baby and I had warm feet (with sticky bottoms which are perfect for walking around your room in post delivery)

- Soothing Ointment (Butter Me Up Organics): I didn't end up needing this balm for myself post birth since I had an emergency c-section however, I have been using this for baby Miles bum and Leos too! keeps them smooth and rash free

- Book (The Fab Mom): I was stuck in the bed several hours after my c-section so having a good book was perfect, my adrenal levels were up so I couldn't sleep like I really should have, but having a good book to read was perfect!

- Toiletries
- Nursing Pads
- Charger
- Slippers/Flip-Flops


- Bag (Baby K'tan): This baby bag is the perfect size to pack all of the baby essentials for the hospital

- Diapers (Babyganics): The hospital may provide diapers but we prefer this brand so if you know you have a preference be sure to pack them

- Baby Wipes (Babyganics): We used the wipes for more than just baby, if you have a preferred brand be sure to pack them

- Receiving Blanket (Lulik Baby): Soft muslin swaddle blankets for the win. Our hospital let us use all the blankets we wanted to while we were there but they ask that you not take them home

- Clothes (Babysoy):  We packed clothing that would be easy to put on a newborn and     not have to pull up over their head. This kimono inspired nighty was so perfect for our l little one 

   - Hat (Babysoy)
   - Socks (StickyBe Socks)
   - Gift for Sibling (Sophie La Girafe)

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