Rest and Restore: A Guide For Creating a Morning and Evening Yoga Ritual

I have partnered up with Naturepedic to bring you some amazing content on Rest and Restore! Below is a portion of my Guest Blogger article but you can find the entire thing at the link above!

Yoga is becoming a popular activity to help people improve their fitness, practice mindfulness, and reduce stress. It turns out that a yoga practice can also help you be more rested! I partnered up with Naturepedic, for this guest post that will help you create a simple morning and evening routine to feel rested and refreshed.
Most of us lead lives working busy days and then collapse in exhaustion –or- stay up late overstimulating ourselves with television, internet, or using our mobile devices. Yoga encourages balance between pure exhaustion and overstimulated days. Taking time out to rest and restore is imperative to living well, and can lead to improved attitudes and increased productivity. The more often you practice, the more you will feel the effects and notice any change. Below are some yoga poses you can do to create a ritual and stick with it.
Restore: Poses for waking up in the morning
Child’s Yoga Pose
Child’s Pose
This pose stretches the hips and legs as you take time to wake up slow.
Cat and Cow Yoga Flow
Cat/Cow Flow
This flow of movements warms up the spine as well as massages and stimulates organs.

Seated Side Yoga Stretch
Seated Side Stretch
This pose opens the hips and the upper body.

Rest: Poses for relaxation and going to bed
Being deprived of a good night’s sleep can cause us to become unbalanced and more stressed. Try a few restorative yoga poses each night to relax the mind and body.
Supported Bound- Angle Yoga Pose
Supported Bound- Angle Pose
This pose brings circulation to hips and lower back.
Elevated Legs-Up-the-Wall Yoga Pose
Elevated Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose This pose quiets the mind and refreshes the heart and lungs.
Happy Baby Yoga Pose
Happy Baby Pose
This pose gently stretches inner legs and spine as well as calms the the brain and relieve stress and fatigue.
Everyone in the family needs #SafeHealthySleep routines, not just children. There is no better way to create a habit than starting Rest & Restore Yoga.

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