Prenatal Fitness Inspiration with For Two Fitness®

Now that my first trimester is over, I have been able to get back into a normal fitness routine. I wanted to share a few mini workouts that have been great for my pregnancy! Staying Fit For Two has been fun, functional and fashionable in my For Two Fitness®  apparel! I have two tank tops, (Sweating for Two & Yoga for Two)  that I have been rocking for my workouts! The tank tops are soft and moisture wicking and the colors are rich and bright!

Even if I can't make it to a class, Yoga is still a simple yet effective way of staying on track with my routine. I just roll out a mat and practice a few poses for opening and strengthening my hips.


Kettle Bell Swings: Great for getting heart rate up!

Turkish Get Ups: Great for shoulder stability and mobility, thoracic extension and rotation, and taking it back to the basic developmental movement patterns! 

Dead Lift: GLUTES and CORE! Need I say more?!


Leg stretches and footwork on the reformer to lengthen the muscles after a kettle bell workout!

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