Mindful Moments: Mindful Parenting

I am currently reading a book called Mindful Parenting and wanted to share some tips with you before I can even finish it!

The book has simple and powerful solutions for raising creative, engaged, happy kids in todays HECTIC WORD.

As Leo begins to enter his "terrible two" stage I started to reflect on my current parenting style and ways to make things more simple for him as he is learning to communicate. 

After having the opportunity to watch a friends infant for 3 days, I learned quickly that Leo is used to having me all to himself  and sharing my time with another child was not ideal for him. In addition to his poor behavior during this time, I also noticed that his mood swings were becoming more of an everyday thing.

My husband mentioned it could be his sure intake, DING DING! Even though I was only giving him a completely watered down juice, he still developed a pattern of asking for it EVERY morning when he would wake up! "Juice, Juice" he would cry standing at the fridge. I gave him watered down juice and that was that. Then in the afternoon, he would stand by the pantry "Nacks, Nack" (Snack) he wanted fruit snacks. I didn't see any harm in giving him one pack a day after all they are "Annies Organic" But this behavior became a daily expectation. 

We started to noticed this combined with his tantrums only continued to get worse, so I stopped buying that stuff (for now) and cut him from it cold turkey. 

Dr. Sears mentions that excess sugar promotes unhealthy cravings, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and kids labeled ADHD are reacting to some sort of sugar sensitivity!

After reading the first section of the book Mindful Parenting, I realized that even though Leo pretty much only watches one show, (Daniel Tiger) he has started to develop an expectation of watching it EVERY Day. and I didn't know until i read this book of course that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends ZERO hours of Screen time including TV for Children under the age of two! ZERO, not 30 min or more like we have slowly started to allow in our household. 

MINDFUL PARENTING LEARNING LESSON #2: OVER STIMULATED CHILDREN STRUGGLE TO MAINTAIN FOCUS AND ATTENTION Children are still building neural pathways, yet with all the stimulation the brainwaves that help stay focus essentially flatline. 

We have intervened with this habit already and to change this pattern, we have been bundling up and going outside more often. Reconnecting and exploring with nature has been fun and sparks creativity and imagination. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our family lessons. no one is perfect, but we can strive to do what is best and what works for our family. Leo is an adventurous should with so much love and energy to give. It is beautiful to see him at his fullest potential when media and poor eating choices do not get in the way.

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