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To kick of summer right, we are sponsoring the #PeacefulPiggyYoga Challenge on Instagram. One of our newest influencers, Jesi Verchota, is spearheading this challenge along with 4 other gritty mommas. Over the duration of the challenge, we will be sharing these Q&A’s with you so you can get to know the amazing hosts. It’s not too late to participate in the challenge! Check Instagram for all the details and keep reading to learn all about Jesi.

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Brief intro into who you are in a couple of sentences (profession, location, loves, etc.): My name is Jesi and I am from Chicago, IL. I am a Yoga and Pilates instructor, and teach mommy and me fitness and yoga classes. I am an adventure seeker and nature lover. I am also a Mindful Mama to my adventurous and playful tot, Leo!

What inspired you to become a yoga and pilates instructor? I love Yoga and Pilates so much that being able to share it with others is so important to me. I love inspiring my students to love their life, love their practice, and ignite their inner smile. From there, it expands into teaching new moms that their fitness journey doesn’t end once you have kids; it’s something that can be enjoyed and done with them.

What has been the most rewarding thing to come from teaching mommy and me fitness classes? Giving moms the tools and space to continue their fitness routines all while bonding with their little one. Seeing the connections between mommy and baby, all while mom is giving herself the gift of self care, is so beautiful to see.

What are your favorite ways to stay fit? Yoga, pilates, barre and running are all my favorite ways to stay fit. I love to mix up my workout so no week is the same.

How has having children switched up how you fit in your workouts? Because I love to switch up my workouts, I used to be very sporadic with how my week looked. I would wake up and then decide what my workout would be and where.

Now that I have Leo, I have to plan out my entire week ahead of time or I just won’t make it to my workouts. I love to incorporate him into my workouts 2x a week, either at a stroller bootcamp class or a mommy and me yoga class. The remaining workouts I schedule at the gym or yoga studios that offer childcare.

What does a typical day look like for you? I make eggs and avocado -or- a breakfast smoothie for Leo and I to share. Pack up and head out for a play date at the zoo, music class, or activity with Leo and friends. Lunch. Leo naps & I plan out my fitness class to teach the next day. Afternoon workout. Prep and enjoy dinner with my family. Leo to bed and down time/time to unwind with my husband.

What can you not live without?

My family – parents, husband, Leo, siblings, and our pets

My tribe – like minded women who get together to support and uplift one another

Pearachute- a website where you can schedule drop in play for kids! (Think Classpass for kids!) 

The Four Agreements– an amazing book that I won’t say anything about other than GO READ IT NOW

How do you stay balanced? Where do you go to seek rest and rejuvenation? Nature by far is number one, getting out in the woods or sitting by a body of water.

Wine, coffee, and guided meditation are also all important for maintaining balance in my life.

How have you been graced by grit?

This past April I experienced pregnancy loss at 11 weeks pregnant, a time that was so difficult for me because all I could think is how healthy my pregnancy with Leo was. I was GRACEDBYGRIT… It was a moment where I felt so alone but found that through sharing with others, I didn’t have to suffer silently. I chose to move forward and shine my light by:

  1. Talking about it: Sharing my story not only with my close friends and family but with my community and network. Sharing my loss, my feelings, my fears, and my future.
  2. Grieving: Honoring the beautiful soul I had the opportunity to carry for 11 weeks and know I have an extra angel looking out for me
  3. Keeping up with my fitness: My body is a vessel and I will continue to keep it strong and healthy. Running, Yoga, Pilates and Barre are a few of my favorite was to stay fit.
  4. Nutrition: Although I may lose my pregnancy cravings for spicy foods, I will still enjoy my morning avocado doused in hot sauce and hemp seeds. I will continue to make my morning smoothies and protein shakes and because I believe everything in moderation… I will enjoy a donut or some ice cream here or there.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about you, your career, your interests, your future, etc.? My goal is to change the world one mom at a time, through fitness, health, self-care, & wellness! Join me on this journey at and on Instagram @altruisticyogini

-Jesi Verchota

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