DHARMA - What is your life purpose?

"What is your life purpose?" That comes off as a very deep question right? Well, there are so many tools that are within you to answer this question and calling, but only you can tap into those tools. It's in your subconscious mind, your soul,  your spirit. 

Identifying your life purpose may make you feel a bit overwhelmed however, if you do the work over and over again, you will find that this process is a part of everyones journey, and it is something that can be enjoyed along the way.

It is said that when a woman is in labor, she enters into an altered state, and  she actually travels to the stars to collect the soul of her baby, and they return to the world together. When a soul descends into a body it begins its purpose... the mission of the spirit. Your soul has a unique mission. This is called your DHARMA.

Over a lifetime your soul does work to identify your life purpose. Aadil Palkhivala mentions there are 3 steps of this passage to dharma which are:

  1. Exploration: the process of going within and asking ourselves what our purpose is
  2. Discovery: connecting with our inner truth and realizing our purpose
  3. Fulfillment: implementing that purpose in our day-to-day lives
These steps should be revisited daily, continue to be in wonder of your own mind, body, and soul. Sit with yourself and meditate, listen to your heart, keep exploring, and continue to look deeper into yourself. 

Our souls forever seek to evolve and when we take the time to go inside, we know how to live outside. 

Ask yourself: With every breath, at every moment, am I realigning my body and myself with my soul?  What is the best action I can take to live in my dharma?

I promise not only to do this work in my life, but to teach and inspire Leo to do the same. To encourage exploration & discovery and teach him fulfillment of those ideas he finds.

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