Friday Favorites: OM FOR THE MOM (Mothers Day Giveaway!)

For my 32nd birthday my husband Ryan gave me an amazing book that I just can't put down. I continue to use it for daily mantras, to reference for a yoga class I'm teaching, or to share with a mom in need! Ryan could see that I felt lost after having Leo, taking on this new role as a mother all while trying not to lose myself in the process. He couldn't have found a more perfect book to help me create a formula that works for me on my journey. I love this book so much I have to share it with you!

OM for the Mom, written by local Chicago Yogi Vanessa Palmer takes you on a magical journey on the little OM PILL of life- riding love, passion, inner peace @ abundance!

It's an easy ready that breaks down into three main "Sutras". A sutra means a thread or line that holds things together, its the formula, the rule to go by. 

Sutra 1: Mind, Body, Spirit 

This section is all about the soul, manifestation, love, yoga, meditation, gratitude, prayer, soul cleansing, soul reflection, life's simple moments and more! Its just so juicy and you will keep coming back for more in the first sutra.

Sutra 2: The Devine Feminine

Here we dive into the gentle warrior spirit, intuition, building spiritual relationships, becoming a mother, the pause we take when becoming a mother and living the slow life, patience and peace, leading by example, and a ton of beautiful mantras and meditations.

Sutra 3: Dreams & Passion

This is so important because as women, we still need to feed our own personal dreams and passions. " Keep company of people who are going to inspire and lift you higher". The importance of building a tribe and community and life path lessons to learn from are all covered in this portion of the book

The book provides the ingredients to create your own formula for life and answers questions like: 

How do I live a happy and fulfilled life? Find my purpose, passion and path in life? Manage all of life's responsibilities? Improve my relationships? Balance work, motherhood, and myself to live a more holistic lifestyle? What are the most important things to teach my children? How can I start living from the inside out and attract more of what I want out of life?

I have partnered up with Vanessa and I am giving away a signed copy of OM for the Mom to one lucky gal! ( You don't have to be a mom and can totally benefit from all this book has to offer even if you aren't a mom, its a souls journey to love and freedom.)

To enter the Mothers Day Giveaway:

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