Tilty cup for the win !

Being introduced to the tilty triple flow cup couldn't have come at a better time for our family.

We have tried a few other brands and nothing worked. Leo expressed little to no interest in other brands. 

When I first offered the Tilty cup to Leo, he grabbed it by he handles and immediately took a sip. I started Off without the triple flow valve insert so he knew he could get something out of the cup. Next I switched the flow of milk to level 2 and that is where we keep it.

The Tilty cup allows for Leo to drink his water or coconut water without throwing his head back to finish his drink. 

His cup has been a life savor! I have made a few user errors. When traveling with water in the cup I forgot to change the valve to "no flow/close" and then that led to water all over the diaper bag.

Thank you for making Leo's First sip successful, now excuse me while I go cry because my little boy is growing up.

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