#lovelylittleyogis Instagram Challenge - Come Join Us!

Grab your mini(s) and practice yoga with us!! 

#LOVElyLittleYogis is a 9 day challenge featuring little yogis and mamas/dads. 

For Valentine's Day we'll be focusing on our heart centers. This challenge begins on February 6th and ends on the 14th. 

To participate and be eligible to win:
1. Repost this flyer
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors
3. Post the daily pose each day of the challenge
4. Include all hosts and sponsors in every post.
5. Have a blast with your little yogi!! 

Feb 6: @yogibuffcakes
Feb 7: @studioartyoga
Feb 8: @boonandboys
Feb 9: @altruisticyogini
Feb 10: @erincunninghamyoga
Feb 11: @yoga_rockss
Feb 12: @yogachikitsa
Feb 13: @aliayoga
Feb 14: @humblebeginningsyoga


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