Mission: Spread Love, Spread Toes

I have partnered up with ToeSox and we are on a mission to spread love and toes to as many people as we can. The best way to build community is to connect with like minded people around us and in turn share our passion with the world. ToeSox has selected me to be a part of this initiative as an 'influencer', they call them 'influencers' because of how they positively impact the people and spaces around them. 

Just a few weeks ago ToeSox announced their Influencer Program. They invited all dancers, yogis, Pilates professionals, barre enthusiasts and fitspirationals who share their ToeSox vision to apply. I am excited to fulfill this role throughout the next year, here is to inspiring others to Love their life, Love their Practice & Ignite their inner smiles..... Lets spread the love and spread our toes while doing it 

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