Sankalpa: Realizing your heartfelt desire for 2014 & Beyond

Sankalpa in yogic tradition is defined as a specific intention or a goal. It is a process of listening to your heart through a quiet mind.

Resolutions are viewed from a lens that we are not good enough, that we want something more than what we are. Resolutions anchor us down with a mindset that our happiness depends on acquiring what we want, rather than honoring the beauty and miracle we in fact, already  are!

The Practice of Sankalpa starts from a place that you already are who you need to be, to fulfill your life's purpose! The practice of Sankalpa is focusing your mind on your utmost desires and channeling the divine energy from within. Listen to the wisdom of your heart!

This process requires no change or action, it is simply a statement of who you are! Its a VOW that is true in the present moment. Below are a few brief steps on Creating your sankalpa:

  • Discover your Sankalpa through heartfelt listening. Meditate, practice yoga, go to a yoga nidra class!
  • State Your Sankalpa. Present tense. Instead of "I want to be more loving" State " I am Pure Unconditional Love"
  • Plant the seed. Recite your Sankalpa and SHARE with others! Let your friends and family hold you accountable to who you are at your true core! Yoga Nidra also allows you to tap into the sub conscious mind!
I want to share my Sankalpa with each of you, planting the seed and allowing my Dharma to blossom!


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