Friday Favorites: 'The Athlete's Guide to Yoga' by Sage Rountree

Today's Friday Favorites is one of my favorite books, 'The Athlete's Guide to Yoga' by Sage Rountree. I purchased this book to find inspiration while training for my first marathon. Sage does a wonderful job at breaking this material down into 4 components. These 4 components consist of Yoga and the Athlete, Poses for Athletes, Beyond the Mat, and Yoga and Your Training Plan.

Part I briefs the reader on how yoga enhances ones training, the history and philosophy of yoga, and the benefits of practicing yoga at home and at the studio.

Part II, Poses for Athletes, provides hundreds of color photographs of asanas (poses) with instructions for each pose.

Part III, takes readers beyond the mat into breathing exercises and meditation techniques.

Part IV provides home training routines and sample training plans!

I recommend this book for all athletes including runners, triathletes,  cyclists, and more.

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