I am happy to be assisting Gabirel Halpern for this fantastic series, "Good For What Ails You" (GFWAY). Please let me know if you have any questions about this 6 week training.
Learn proper and safe techniques to continue or begin a yoga practice. Each student will have the opportunity of one-on-one attention with hands-on corrections throughout the class by an assigned instructor (or apprentice). A series will be customized for each person who registers. Over the 6 weeks of training, the students will learn how to set the poses up therapeutically, utilize props for greater ease, facility, and depth in the poses, and show self-sufficiency in setting up the series for themselves.

The class is designed for those with limited mobility due to injury or illness, whether chronic or otherwise. Yoga appeals to those who are searching for a natural way to help heal from the inside out. Yoga can positively impact lumbar pain, scoliosis, SI joint dysfunction, sciatica, neck and shoulder stiffness, hip and knee discomfort, inflammatory conditions, cardio-pulmonary difficulties, respiratory troubles, menstrual problems, anxiety, depression, and post operative recovery...and that’s not all! Bring your area of concern and yoga will give you new and effective tools and a new perspective from which to work

You can sign up for this training by clicking on customized yoga below, please reference Jesi Tague in the online form when you sign up!

Customized Yoga

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