Anahata Chakra

We as human beings are not just physical bodies. Around us is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field -or- our aura. The aura (subtle energy field) interacts with or physical body by flowing through concentrated spirals of energy called chakras. Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheels of light".

There are 7 main chakras and today I am sharing fundamental information about the 4th Chakra, the heart chakra: Anahata.

This chakra is positioned at heart center, which in yoga is at the center of the chest, on the sternum. The Anahata Chakra has several characteristics, it is represented by a gray lotus flower with 12 petals. It's spiritual action is the practice of devotion which can be interpreted as devotion to ourselves, our practice, a devotion to others, and most importantly a devotion to a higher power.

Tomorrow's class will take a deep dive into the Anahata chakra (12/12/12) as we practice asanas (poses) that are heart opening.

I am thrilled to teach on the heart chakra on 12/12/12 as this date is significant to the heart chakra and the 12 petals associated with the lotus flower. I am devoted to providing a fun and safe space, where you each can open your hearts and devote time to your higher self!

Blessings and light be with you all! See you all tomorrow at 8:15PM!


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