Tuesday, September 1, 2015

B.Y.L.O. Yoga !!

Bring Your Little One to Yoga! I'm excited to announce I will be offer long a Baby Wearing Yoga workshop this fall!

BYLO Yoga classes vary and include:
•Mommy & Me Yoga
•Babywearing Yoga
•Mom & Tots yoga

Our First workshop will be Babywearing Yoga. In this class, you wear your baby while going through basic yoga poses and stretches while bonding with baby.

Only 10 spots are available. Each registration includes:

• 60 min Yoga Class
• A pair of ToeSox from our sponsor at ToeSox
• A sample from the natural mommy and baby skincare line Baby Mantra
• Samples of Pampers Cruisers Baby Diapers 
• Samples of Young Living Essential Oils
.... And More!

Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in being added to the invite list!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Yogi in Town

On March 10th, my husband Ryan and I welcomed Leo Alexander Verchota to our family. stay tuned for dates this summer for mommy & me yoga in the park (Donation based)

Baby & mama in Baddha Konasana

Saturday, January 24, 2015

ToeSox Virtual Road Trip

Earlier this week, ToeSox headed  out on the road stopping in some of their favorite cities! Follow along with #ToeSoxRoadTrip to see who we're spreading our toes with across the U.S.! #adventure #letsgo

I had the opportunity to welcome ToeSox to Chicago, I chose my favorite Pilates Studio Flex Pilates and Chicago landmark "The Bean" (Cloudgate) for my two photo spots! You can get these amazing leg warmers from Flex Pilates!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mission: Spread Love, Spread Toes

I have partnered up with ToeSox and we are on a mission to spread love and toes to as many people as we can. The best way to build community is to connect with like minded people around us and in turn share our passion with the world. ToeSox has selected me to be a part of this initiative as an 'influencer', they call them 'influencers' because of how they positively impact the people and spaces around them. 

Just a few weeks ago ToeSox announced their Influencer Program. They invited all dancers, yogis, Pilates professionals, barre enthusiasts and fitspirationals who share their ToeSox vision to apply. I am excited to fulfill this role throughout the next year, here is to inspiring others to Love their life, Love their Practice & Ignite their inner smiles..... Lets spread the love and spread our toes while doing it 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Everyday Life

I am officially an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils and I am committed to educating you through your essential oils selection process. If you don't think you have experienced the incredible power of essential oils, take a moment to pause and think about the last time you squeezed or zest a lemon, smelled a bouquet of lilacs or lavender? Essential oils are all around us they are fresh, they are calming, they have the power to heal, enhance experience, or brighten up your day!

Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade oils that are natural and  concentrated, and the are extracted from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, seeds, and bushes! Oils can be used by inhalation, topical application, or internal consumption, thats right You can add them to your food to aid digestion, or add a little natural flavor to your dinner.

If you are interested in purchasing any essential oils or if you would like a complimentary consultation, please contact me using the contact tab on the blog -or- email me at altruistic.yoga@gmail.com

Blessings and Light~

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sankalpa: Realizing your heartfelt desire for 2014 & Beyond

Sankalpa in yogic tradition is defined as a specific intention or a goal. It is a process of listening to your heart through a quiet mind.

Resolutions are viewed from a lens that we are not good enough, that we want something more than what we are. Resolutions anchor us down with a mindset that our happiness depends on acquiring what we want, rather than honoring the beauty and miracle we in fact, already  are!

The Practice of Sankalpa starts from a place that you already are who you need to be, to fulfill your life's purpose! The practice of Sankalpa is focusing your mind on your utmost desires and channeling the divine energy from within. Listen to the wisdom of your heart!

This process requires no change or action, it is simply a statement of who you are! Its a VOW that is true in the present moment. Below are a few brief steps on Creating your sankalpa:

  • Discover your Sankalpa through heartfelt listening. Meditate, practice yoga, go to a yoga nidra class!
  • State Your Sankalpa. Present tense. Instead of "I want to be more loving" State " I am Pure Unconditional Love"
  • Plant the seed. Recite your Sankalpa and SHARE with others! Let your friends and family hold you accountable to who you are at your true core! Yoga Nidra also allows you to tap into the sub conscious mind!
I want to share my Sankalpa with each of you, planting the seed and allowing my Dharma to blossom!